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Auto Loans

Menlo Survey FCU offers new and used auto loans.

Our credit decisions are made using a “personal touch”. Each application is personally reviewed by our Staff and Management. We carefully examine the application and try to speak to each applicant to determine the best loan product and term to save you money. Apply for a loan today!

Auto Loan Rate Reduction

With most institutions, once you sign the contract you are stuck at that rate and term. Not with Menlo Survey FCU. If your credit score improves you may ask us for a Rate Reduction. We will run your credit and lower your interest rate based on your new credit score and our current rates (all other terms of your loan remain the same). Why do we do this? Because, we work for you!

Become A Member

By becoming a member, you become an “owner” of the Credit Union. Once you join, your immediate family members also become eligible.

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Menlo Survey FCU offers a full range of loan options including, Auto Loans, RV Loans, Vessel Loans, Mobile Home Loans, Real Estate Loans, and more.

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We have ATMs throughout the country. Nearly 30,000 ATMs means you have more direct, access to your money.

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