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Share Secured Loans

Menlo Survey offers a fabulous Share Secured Loan that allows a member to borrow his/her own money for a minimal interest rate. The idea is to borrow your own funds for a low interest rate, make payments from your monthly income and have your same principal amount in your account at the end of the loan. This type of loan also works beautifully with family members. For example: Why have your child (borrower) pay high interest rates, when you (guarantor) can loan them the money against your own funds on deposit at Menlo Survey? This type of loan is only reported on the borrower’s credit report (helps build good credit history). The guarantor doesn’t have to give the money to the family member, nor ask for it back. It is a win/win solution for everyone. As the borrower makes payments, more of your pledged shares become available to you. Your shares are at risk if the borrower does not make payments.

The loans offers:

No need for a credit report since the funds are on deposit. Easy paperwork for the borrower to sign and one Guaranty Agreement for the Guarantor to sign.

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By becoming a member, you become an “owner” of the Credit Union. Once you join, your immediate family members also become eligible.

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Menlo Survey offers a full range of loan options including, Auto Loans, RV Loans, Vessel Loans, Mobile Home Loans, Real Estate Loans, and more.

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